Youth ministry at Shepherd exists to mentor and equip kids to become                       faithful disciples of Jesus for a lifetime.


We strive to create an upbeat environment where you'll feel comfortable inviting your friends, experiencing the Bible in a relevant way, and building meaningful relationships. Each
week we'll spend time worshipping with our band, watching videos, and playing creative games. 

Every month we go out and do something fun as a group. This could be a movie, a concert, a meal, or something crazy like making the world’s largest slip 'n slide. 



Youth Director - Bryan Stanley



•HIGH SCHOOL•       9th - 12th Grade

Sunday Nights from 6pm to 8pm

Youth Room, Shea campus

Contact Bryan Stanley at

3.Middle school.jpg

•MIDDLE SCHOOL• 6th - 8th Grade

Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 8pm

Youth Room, Shea campus

Contact Bryan Stanley at



7th and 8th Grade Confirmation Classes

Please contact Bryan Stanley for Confirmation Class details.