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For this sermon series, the phrase “road trip” is a metaphor for life this side of heaven.  Each sermon uses a Biblical text/story that features some aspect of the journey of faith.  While each sermon is a “stand-alone” message, they all fit together into the big picture of our journey from this life to the next.  The underlying truth throughout this series is that Jesus is the Way to the Father (John 14:1-6) as well as the source of meaning and purpose in this life (John 10:10b).

 June 3           “When God says ‘GO’”  

June 10          “Are We There Yet?”  

June 17          “When the Journey Gets Scary”  

June 24          “Family Togetherness” 

July 1              “Dangerous Detours"

July 8              “The Cross — Don’t Leave Home Without It”

July 15           “Traveling Light”

July 22           “Divine Detours”   

July 29           “Mission Rd. and Humanity Ave.”