Men’s Event - February 16, 2019

Guest Speaker: Dean Rosnau

Author of “The Shortest Straw, Search and Rescue in the High Sierra”

When author Dean Rosnau began climbing as a Southern California teenager in 1975, the desert crags of Joshua Tree and the alpine cliffs of Tahquitz were his milieu. Soon, he made his way to the big walls of Yosemite Valley and beyond. 

When a little girl disappeared from her family campsite in Joshua Tree in 1984, Dean found his calling in life when he immersed himself into the world of Search and Rescue, or SAR. In 1989, Dean relocated to the eastern high Sierra, joining one of the busiest SAR teams in the nation. In his new memoir, The Shortest Straw - Search and Rescue in the High Sierra, Dean recounts a number of his experiences after over 44 years of climbing, and 34 years of SAR. In these accounts, he gives detailed information of how a SAR operation works, writing in a style that brings you to the scene in edgy detail. The book concludes with an open missing person case that Dean is still working in the Ritter Range, near Mammoth. 

A believer in Christ, Dean has written about his life experiences to present a journey of faith through his lifestyle of extreme adventure. Using his career as part of a team of alpine search and rescue professionals, Dean will be here to present a unique perspective of Paul's instruction to the Corinthians regarding your value as part of the team that makes up "the many parts of the body of Christ."