Policy Governance Information

Thanks for clicking on the Policy Governance link for more information.  The additional document links below are to reference material which will allow you as an individual to gain additional background about Policy Governance.  Since these are generic documents for multiple organizations, it is important to note the references to the “CEO” of an organization is meant to identify the senior staff person responsible for the organization.  For Shepherd of the Desert, the CEO moniker would be connected to the Director of Ministries/Senior Pastor position.

Additional Governance Material --- Please click on any of the 6 articles below that you would like to review.

Article 1 - The Five Types of Governance in the LCMS

        • Outlines the different governance models within other Lutheran Congregations to help understand the positives and negatives of the approaches.  Grounds the reader in the reality that no system is likely perfect, but definitely gives perspective of which one might be better than another given size and complexity of the congregation.

Article 2 -  A Kitchen Parable – A Governance Example

        • The parable allows for a quick understanding of how the governance process would work in an everyday life situation.

Article 3 - Carver Policy Governance – Model in Nonprofit Organizations

        • A deeper dive into the mechanics of how policy governance works within a non-profit like Shepherd of the Desert.

Article 4 - Policy Governance Source Document

        • Highlights simply “what policy governance is NOT” and “what policy governance IS”.

Article 5 - Policy Governance ABC’s

        • One pager which highlights the key reasons why policy governance helps and clearly outlines the different categories of policies --- Ends, Executive Limitations, Board-Management Delegation and Governance Process.

Article 6 - Policy Governance Glossary of Terms

        • A list of terms and their definitions used throughout the governance material.