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Often we seek a “fresh start” or renewal by our own hand, through our own efforts.  Attempts centered on the sinful ways of man or temporary things of the world are fleeting.  Yet when God intervenes lives are made new, true love is experienced, and redemption is accomplished.

August 12
A Fresh Start when God Calls

Scripture Readings:  Exodus 3:1-14, Romans 1:1-7, Matthew 9:9-13 

God calls us to share his plan of salvation even in the face of our own doubts and weaknesses.  For God comes to us not because we are worthy but because he is merciful.  How is God calling you to be his disciple?  What excuses must I overcome?  

August 19
A Fresh Start when God Forgives

Scripture Readings:  Joshua 2:1-14a, Philippians 3:8-14, John 8:1-11

Both guilt and fear often make us their prisoner.  However, the Lord seeks not to condemn us in sin but to offer us freedom and forgiveness in repentance and faith.  How have I been hypocritical in pointing out the sin of others?  What sins must I seek forgiveness for?

August 26
A Fresh Start when God Provides

Scripture Readings:  2 Kings 4:1-7, 2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12, Luke 19:1-10

Some in our world are concerned with where their next meal will come from, others are enthralled with possessions and earthly wealth, but all are adopted as members of God’s household despite our lack of focus on God’s grace.  The Lord cares about all aspects of your life even our finances, how are we trusting him in such things?


September 9
A Fresh Start when God Answers

Scripture Readings:  I Kings 17:17-24, 1 Corinthians 15:50-58, Luke 7:11-23

The compassion of Christ knows no bounds just as the power of God has no limitations.  We often look for understanding and explanations in the midst of life challenges while the ultimate answer of healing has already been given in Christ.  What tragedies am I struggling with?  What guidance and assurance do I need from our Father? 

September 16
A Fresh Start when God Empowers

Scripture readings:  Judges 16:23-31, Romans 6:1-7, Luke 23:32-43

In this life all people have selfishly put themselves first, forsaking the calling of God to serve him above all things.   We have been blinded by our own sin and stolen from our Creator.  Often in our weakest moments we recognize the limitations of our abilities due to being bound by sin, here God empowers us through faith in Christ to overcome as we look forward to paradise with our Savior.  What sins have stunted my view of Jesus?  Where in my life do I need to call upon the Lord to be strengthened?


September 23
A Fresh Start when God Heals

Scripture Readings:  2 Kings 2:19-22, James 5:13-16, John 5:1-15

The Lord has called us to compassionate service in his name.  It is God himself that both equips and prepares us for these good works.  While we may not be able to produce miracles we are able to share the life changing Word of God. What do I need healing from? How is God calling me to serve others within my community?